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Improve the Appearance of Your Smile with These 10 Tips

A smile is essential for making a good first impression. One of the quickest ways to get a “win” in boost your overall appearance is to take care of your smile. Consequently, if you are looking for a smile that is both beautiful and healthy, you will need to take care of your oral health just like you take care of your skin: using a blend of gentle preventive care, timely treatment for small problems when they arise and beauty treatments when needed.

Why not make 2021 the year you enhance your smile and love every single picture you take?
Here are some simple things and tips that you can do for a healthy and beautiful smile.

Whiten Your Teeth: One of the easiest ways to improve your smile is to whiten your teeth. With age, habits like smoking and exposure to certain foods and drinks, your teeth may turn from a bright white to yellow and dull. Fortunately, different cosmetic dentistry treatments can help whiten your teeth and remove the appearance of sta ins. Your first option is professional teeth whitening which can increase the color of your teeth up to 10 shades whiter. After teeth whitening or porcelain veneers treatment, your smile will be radiant, healthy, and more beautiful than ever!

Moisturize Your Lips: Your lips frame these pearly whites. Even if you have white, straight teeth, attention will be diverted from this if you have dry, chapped lips. Work on your teeth but also make sure to moisturize your lips too.

Straighten Your Teeth: One way to improve your smile that will also improve your oral health is to straighten your teeth! Straight teeth have a more attractive appearance and make it easier to clean all surfaces with brushing and flossing. If you want to close gaps, space out crowded teeth, correct bite, or straighten crooked teeth, we can provide you with Invisalign treatment to straighten teeth in as little as six months or a year! So you can enjoy a better smile for the rest of your life as long as you wear the retainer.

Replace Missing Teeth: A smile with missing teeth will not look its best. By replacing missing teeth with dental implants, bridges, or dentures, you can improve your overall smile. It doesn’t matter if you are only missing one tooth; simply replacing it can change your whole smile.

Brush your Teeth and Floss Daily: Maintaining oral hygiene can always help your smile look better. If your teeth look dirty, no one will want to approach your face. Brushing and flossing will help you remove plaque and surface stains from your teeth and keep grime out of your teeth. Clean teeth will always facilitate improving your smile! Remember to keep your breath fresh. A beautiful smile is only useful if it is accompanied by fresh breath.

Transform the shape and size of your teeth: A smile naturally looks better when the teeth are of the right shape and size. The more regular your teeth look, the better you feel. At Narrogin Dental, we can make all teeth have the right shape and size to fit the entire face. As a result, your entire smile will develop. Changing the size and shape of your teeth may require treatments such as porcelain veneers, tooth bonding, and dental crowns.

Make it Natural: If your smile looks unnatural due to improper handling of your restorations, you can improve your smile by making it more natural. We can modify artificial-looking dentures, dental crowns, bridges, and porcelain veneers with new ones that look natural and complement your look. In addition, it can replace metal or amalgam fillings and restorations with dental ones. The more natural we can make your smile, the better you reflect it will look.

Quit Smoking: Smoking is not good for your lungs, general health, or your teeth. It can increase the risk of tooth decay and gum disease, as well as stain teeth and cause bad breath. If you smoke or use any other type of tobacco product, quitting smoking can help improve your smile. Quitting smoking will do away with new spots and all the health risks that come with your habit.

Make Better Choices in Your Diet: Cutting out sweets is probably one of the obvious best choices, but did you know that eating healthy, whole foods regularly can reduce inflammation and improve your smile? Adding more vegetables and fruits in place of sugary or starchy items is a great way to improve not only your waistline but your oral health as well.
Drink a lot of Water: Besides making better food choices, increase your water intake. Drinking water helps your teeth become cleaner. Water washes away the remnants of food and helps
prevent tooth decay. The next time you are about to choose a drink & water over those drinks that contain sugar.

Visit the Dentist Regularly: Regardless of how attentive your dental health is, it is always a good idea to visit the dentist every six months for a professional cleaning. This is a great preventative measure, much like visiting your healthcare provider for r egular check-ups. During these cleanings, your dental hygienist and dentist can clean hard-to-reach areas in your mouth, remove hardened plaque deposits called tartar, and identify cavities or problem spots that may turn into cavities early.

Improve your smile with us:
While you can check out some of these tips yourself, you will need the skills of a cosmetic to improve your smile. Contact us to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation today at Narrogin
Dental. Please call (08) 9881 1131 to make an appointment.


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