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Ten sources of Yellow Teeth and How to Avoid Them

White teeth are a very desirable feature that everyone wants to improve. While the teeth start white when erupting in the mouth, they may gradually turn yellow over time. This discoloration process takes years and is caused by a variety of factors. Yellow teeth are generally not a sign of a severe medical problem, but it is still difficult to ensure your smile when it is discolored. Here are the top ten causes of yellow teeth and how to avoid them.

Teeth Grinding:
Enamel is the hard outer layer of a tooth that protects it from decay. Enamel is the hardest, white outer part of the tooth; it can thin out over the years. One of the most frequent causes of thin enamel is teeth grinding. Once the enamel begins to fade, the dentin of the tooth is exposed. This dark yellow layer of the tooth provides structure and protects the nerves.

Drinking Dark Liquids:
There is a chance that your favorite beverages are causing your teeth to turn yellow. Red wine, coffee, and tea all contain a substance called tannins. This natura l substance is so powerful that it is often used in making ink, so you can easily see how quickly it can stain your teeth. Since drinks cover the entire mouth, the tannins can linger on the teeth long after drinking. The top way to prevent discoloration is to rinse your mouth out with water after you’ve had your dark beverage. Brushing your teeth immediately after drinking can damage your teeth.

Eating Sugary Foods:
Sugar is one of the worst things you can put into your body. Additionally to being a highly addictive substance that ruins your health, sugar also destroys your teeth. Sugar creates a hotbed
of bacteria when it gets stuck in the mouth. This bacteria discolors and rots teeth over time. Since sugar is so dangerous, it’s best to avoid sugary foods and drinks altogether. If this cannot be done, brush your teeth an hour after consuming large amounts of sugar.

Smoking is a terrible habit that can ruin your health. Smoking not only destroys the lungs and heart it also leads to yellow teeth. Nicotine and tar in cigarettes damage teeth when inhaled. This damage eventually leads to yellow or dark brown teeth over time.

Taking Certain Medication:
The medicine you take daily to improve your health may be damaging your teeth. Several different antibiotics are known to cause tooth discoloration. You may also notice that your teeth
turn yellow after taking certain antihistamines or blood pressure medications for an extended period of time. Since these medications help you have a better life, it’s diffi cult to avoid the unwanted side effect of yellow teeth.

Poor Dental Hygiene:
The most obvious and common cause of yellowing teeth is poor oral hygiene. Teeth should be properly cleaned at least twice a day to avoid dangerous plaque build-up. Once the plaque builds
upon your teeth, it doesn’t take long for them to turn yellow. The top way to prevent plaque build-up is by regularly brushing your teeth, flossing, and rinsing your mouth out.

Aging and Genetics:
Unfortunately, teeth naturally begin to turn yellower with age. This is caused by the loss of tooth enamel, which gives teeth a yellow tint when the dentin is more exposed. For some people, it’s just their genes. Some people are born with thinner enamel than others. This makes it a lot harder to keep your teeth pearly white, but regular teeth whitening products can help slow down the yellowing process.

Avoiding Yellow Teeth:
Daily Brushing, professional cleaning, whitening treatments, and veneers should be your go-totreatment for yellow teeth. Brushing your tooth thoroughly twice a day to avoid yellow stains on the surface is a must. Also, floss once a day. To combat deeper intrinsic stains, see your dental hygienist, who can gently clean up those hideous bacteria and tartar and clean your teeth while you’re in the dental chair.

However, in the case of enamel stains, prevention is better than cure. Don’t smoke and limit your intake of foods and drinks that themselves cause yellowing. Finally, rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking. There is no sense to be ashamed of their color, with many whitening options available for discolored teeth .If you are unhappy with your teeth discoloration, visit Narrogin Dental for professional laser teeth whitening. In addition, we also offer in-home teeth whitening so that you can maintain that pearly white smile. Contact us today at (08) 9881 1131 to schedule a teeth whitening or dental check-up appointment.


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