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Does Dental Implant Safe & Last Forever?

Dental implants replace the roots of the teeth. Implants provide a solid base for fixed or removable replacement teeth that match your natural teeth. Implants are designed to safely replace missing teeth and thus help prevent other teeth from slipping into the voids left behind. Maintaining structural integrity facilitates oral hygiene.

Dentures and implants do not move as much and adapt better to your mouth shape than other denture options. Most dentists will approve dental implants as “safe” if the patient ticks all the
correct boxes, but the potential risks are worth looking into. If you have gum disease or tooth decay, it will need treatment before proceeding with implants.

Advantages of Dental Implants:

Here are some of the unique benefits of dental implants.

1. Dental Implants are versatile: Implants are incredibly versatile treatments. They can be equipped with a crown to replace a single tooth, a bridge, or a partial denture to replace multiple or complete dentures to replace all teeth. This treatment enables you and your dentist to design the perfect smile for you.

2. They’re more comfortable: Dental implants are incorporated directly into your jawbone to simulate the root of a tooth and give the denture greater strength and support. The jaw bone grows around the titanium jaw shaft during the healing process, holding it even more firmly in place. This added stability helps implants look exactly like natural teeth, so much so that you’ll likely forget they’re there.

3. Implants help in easier to speak: Our teeth play an essential role in helping us create specific sounds, so missing a few key teeth at the front of the mouth can make a surprising difference in speech. Likewise, loose dentures can slip when you speak, causing gibberish or lisping. Additionally, dentures on implants are held firmly in place by several deep-seated implants, preventing them from slipping or sliding in the mouth.

4. Implants look natural: With the help of modern materials and technology, dental implants look as realistic as they look. Your dental implants are designed especially for you, ensuring that your smile is as beautiful as it seems. If you have healthy natural teeth, your dental implant is designed to blend in perfectly with them.

5. They improve your oral health: Although receiving a dental implant can seem invasive and intimidating, dentists consider implants to be a more conventional treatment for missing teeth. This is because implants do not harm your remaining teeth. Implants are carried in the same way as natural teeth supported by being anchored directly in the jawbone. On the other hand, bridges are supported by placing crowns on healthy teeth next to the space in your smile.

6. Dental Implant boosts your self-confidence: If you have some gap in your smile, you probably know how embarrassed it can make you. It’s easy to get caught up in what other people think about the gap or worry about how it affects your speech. Implants can give you a smile that looks and sounds natural, allowing you to speak and smile with confidence.

How safe are dental implants?

Dental implant success rates vary depending on where the implants are placed in the jaw, butdental implants broadly have a success rate of up to 98%. With proper care, implants can last a
lifetime. This is a very safe procedure that dentists have been performing for over 30 years. In addition, the process of placing implants is getting better and better over the years due to modern technologies. While the implantation procedure is indeed considered safe, placing implants is a surgical procedure. As with any surgical procedure, there are many risks involved. While the possibility of infection or rejection is confirmed, the percentage of patients who have problems after implant surgery is minor. Dental implants have two parts as the screw and the cap. The dental implant screw is made up of titanium, a biocompatible element. It is routinely used in joint replacement surgery, to place screws in bone surgeries in other body parts, etc. The jawbone grows very well around a well-placed implant and gives the implant screw the strength to support the crown and appear like a natural tooth. The implant cap is made of biocompatible ceramic, just like those used for making routine crowns and bridges. Once placed, the implants work and look like your natural teeth. You can eat all the foods you love again and smile with confidence, knowing your smile is at its best!

Dental implants are a prominent alternative to replace missing teeth and give you a second chance. Now dental technology has come a long way, and the procedure has a high success rate
and offers an excellent long-term prognosis without damaging adjacent teeth. Implant therapy is an effective solution for permanently replacing carious, loose, fractured, and insufficient teeth. Restore comfort, aesthetics, speech, function, and psychological health. Additionally, dental implants can minimize bone loss, preventing irreversible facial changes resulting from missing teeth. In the past, the only fixed replacement choice involved adjacent shaving teeth and applying a fixed bridge, often at the expense of supporting teeth.

Long-Term Durability:

Properly cared for, dental implants last for decades. They will not crack, corrode, slide or otherwise cause discomfort or damage your mouth. Unlike dentures and other removable dentures, they will not irritate the gums, jaw, or other teeth. This means that there is no possibility of injury, infection, or the introduction of foreign objects into the gums or bloodstream.

Are you ready for dental implants?

Do you have any missing teeth? We can say with complete confidence that implants are the safeand effective treatment you should consider. Use our convenient online contact us form to requestan appointment or call today at (08) 9881 1131. At Narrogin Dental our qualified staff can set you up for a full assessment and consultation to find out if dental implants are right for you.


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